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At the EUBAM Youth against Corruption school, August 2011

At the EUBAM Youth against Corruption school, August 2011, © EUBAM

18.04.2012 - Article

The European Union Border Assistance Mission to Moldova and Ukraine (EUBAM) was established in 2005 at the request of the two countries’ Presidents to improve customs and security procedures along their shared border.

The mission is led and funded by the European Commission (which means it is strictly speaking not a CSDP mission). It is implemented on the ground by the UN Development Programme.

The mission has no executive powers, instead providing advice, training and support to the local forces. It thus plays an integral part in preventing smuggling and combating corruption, as well as in bringing procedures into line with EU standards. The mission also serves to build confidence between the stakeholders and to harmonize tax and customs regulations. It is active in the field of demarcating the frontiers and is intended to help de escalate the Transdniestria conflict between Ukraine and the de facto government in Tiraspol.

Germany provides up to 15 of the approximately 100 members of the mission, who work alongside around 120 locally employed staff.

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