EUPOL COPPS (Palestinian territories)

EUPOL COPPS police training, December 2010

EUPOL COPPS police training, December 2010, © EUPOL COPPS

18.04.2012 - Article

EUPOL COPPS, or the European Union Co‑ordinating Office for Palestinian Police Support, was established in autumn 2005. Its area of operations has been limited to the West Bank since the election of Hamas in Gaza. The mission’s objective is to develop police structures for a future Palestinian state, and a justice-system component was added in 2009 to bolster the rule of law.

The mission’s 90‑odd members (around 50 from 16 EU member states and Canada, plus about 40 local staff) include a number of Germans. There are plans to increase staff numbers, given that the mission is continuing to grow. Alongside EUPOL COPPS, the EU’s presence in the Palestinian territories encompasses its Border Assistance Mission in Rafah.

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