Stabilisation is a priority after liberation of Mosul

11.07.2017 - Article

The metropolis of Mosul in northern Iraq has finally been liberated from the terrorist militia IS. This is a great success for the Iraqi army, which has been supported by the Global Coalition against Daesh, which Germany is also involved in. The priority now is to stabilise the region as swiftly as possible in order to offer the people in the region a livelihood once again. Germany is contributing an estimated 100 million euros for humanitarian assistance and a further 46 million euros for stabilisation projects in 2017.

Soldiers with the Iraqi flag in Mosul
Soldiers with the Iraqi flag in Mosul© dpa

Unimaginable atrocities

The unimaginable atrocities committed by the IS terrorists will continue to be felt for a long time to come. Hundreds of thousands of people had to flee hostilities. The majority of these refugees were taken in by reception camps in surrounding regions. When they return, some will only find the ruins where their homes once stood. Others face an even worse fate as IS laid booby‑traps on its retreat, and so some people may still fall victim to the militia after the hostilities have ceased.

Stabilisation is what matters now

The key task now is therefore to achieve stability swiftly. Booby‑traps must be cleared and destroyed infrastructure rebuilt. It is important to overcome divisions within the population in order to facilitate reconciliation and peaceful coexistence. What is more, the young generation in particular is in need of future prospects. Education and employment are the best tools for fighting radicalisation.

Germany’s involvement in Iraq

Germany’s involvement in Iraq - Humanitarian aid and Stabilisation: 2016 and 2017
Germany’s involvement in Iraq - Humanitarian aid and Stabilisation: 2016 and 2017© Auswärtiges Amt

Germany’s involvement in Iraq is focused on humanitarian assistance and stabilisation. Germany and the United Arab Emirates co-chair the Stabilisation Working Group of the Global Coalition against Daesh. The projects that it is supporting seek to build shelters for people, re-establish the drinking water supply and sewage system, provide basic health care and supply people in need with food. The Federal Foreign Office is contributing 17 million euros to help clear booby‑traps alone.

Building trust with community policing

It is especially important in the long term to set up a functioning administration and to create a state security apparatus that all citizens trust. The Federal Foreign Office is therefore supporting a project in the area of community policing to the tune of almost eight million euros. In this project, local police forces enter into a direct dialogue with citizens in order, in a peaceful manner, to address injustices committed and to develop solutions to the most pressing problems together.

Both a peace dividend that is tangible in the short term and stable state structures are required in order to make this military victory a lasting success. Germany stands shoulder to shoulder with the Iraqi population to this end.

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