Application of digital technology with young tech talents: the Federal Foreign Office and Tech4Germany begin cooperation

The Federal Foreign Office and Tech4Germany team at work.

The Federal Foreign Office and Tech4Germany team at work., © Tech4Germany

23.08.2019 - Article

A new post and country every three or four years – so‑called rotation is a major challenge for Federal Foreign Office staff, from both a private and a professional perspective. For the Federal Foreign Office this involves organising around 2000 transfers every year.

Staff and their families face a number of challenges: What vaccinations will the family dog need for the new post, or will it have to go into quarantine for some time? Which school should the children attend? What regulations apply to bringing and registering a car? Are partners allowed to work in the new host country? And what new professional duties await? As well as all these and other questions, existing skills and expertise (e.g. languages or specialised knowledge) play a key role in decisions regarding transfers. The goal is to find an optimal arrangement for all concerned, year in, year out.

To this end, the Federal Foreign Office also makes use of IT‑based solutions. A working group has created an intranet portal with information on all aspects of rotation.

The Federal Foreign Office is currently working with young tech talents from Tech4Germany to make this portal more modern, digital and user-friendly. The official kick-off for the Tech4Germany programme 2019 took place at Factory Berlin’s Görlitz Park location in mid‑August. Four fellows from Tech4Germany are working closely with two dedicated Federal Foreign Office staff on this project.

The Federal Foreign Office and Tech4Germany project Team.
The Federal Foreign Office and Tech4Germany project Team.© Tech4Germany

Within the context of the rotation portal project, the existing intranet portal is to be expanded so that it can support staff as they cope with the steps and changes involved with international rotation. The portal is designed to take greater account of the personal situation and experience of Federal Foreign Office staff as well as information on the target post.


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