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Organization consultancy, personnel administration, basic and further training, training for international diplomats, budgetary and finance matters are among the main tasks of DG 1. Other vital support services are provided by the IT units, the Health Service, the Language Service, the Political Archives and the Library.

The Central Directorate-General is the internal service provider and makes available the infrastructure to enable headquarters and the German missions abroad to perform their operative foreign policy tasks. It is divided into three Directorates for Personnel, Administration and Information Technology.

With over 1,200 Federal Foreign Office staff being posted abroad or returning to headquarters in Germany every year, personnel administration forms a large part of the Central Directorate-General's work. Given the large number of quite different missions abroad this is a particularly complex task. Dealing with the resulting removals and pay issues is also a labour-intensive process.

The Central Directorate-General is responsible for the Federal Foreign Office budget, the administration of real estate abroad and the security and organization of headquarters and the missions abroad.

With the Language Service Division, the Library, the Political Archives and the Health Service, the Central Directorate-General has also a number of specialized services to offer.

The Federal Foreign Office creates, receives, processes, disseminates and transmits all sorts of different information. The 226 missions abroad in particular have a high and constantly growing load of communications to handle. The Foreign Service in particular needs fast, reliable and secure IT systems.

The Central Directorate-General also includes Pre-Post and In-Service Training. Apart from the Ordinary Service, all career groups attend courses at the Training and Further Training Centre in which courses for family members of the Foreign Service are also held.

The Inspectors are also part of the Central Directorate-General and have the task of routinely monitoring the foreign missions.

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