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Sign at the German Embassy Tel Aviv

Sign at the German Embassy Tel Aviv, © photothek.net/Koehler


Our embassies are concerned with all aspects of foreign relations, ranging from the promotion of bilateral (especially political) relations to support for German business interests and help for German citizens, and they are also involved in international research and technology cooperation as well as social, agricultural and development policy. In this connection experts from other federal ministries may be seconded to the Foreign Service for a limited period of time. Military attachés serve with our embassies in countries with which Germany cooperates on defence policy issues or which are of particular relevance in terms of defence policy.

The number of staff employed at any embassy depends on the importance and size of the host country. Large embassies (e.g. Washington) may have more than 100 staff members while in other countries the embassy may only have a staff of ten.

German Embassy Algier, 2004
German Embassy Algier© picture-alliance/dpa

Ambassadors may be accredited to more than one country. Although the Federal Republic of Germany currently has diplomatic relations with 193 countries and with the Holy See, it operates only 153 embassies. This is possible because some Ambassadors are accredited also to countries where there is no German embassy.

Ambassadors represent Germany in the host country in their capacity as representatives of the the Federal President. They are appointed by the Federal President and accredited to the President of the host country by the act of handing over their letters of credence.

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