Whom can I contact?

02.09.2021 - FAQ


German nationals who are still in Afghanistan after the end of the military airlift and who have already registered their details in ELEFAND are urged to register on afg.diplo.de. This platform will be used for all basic communication between the Federal Foreign Office’s Crisis Response Centre and German nationals in Afghanistan. German nationals who travel to neighbouring countries by land can, once they have arrived, be provided with consular assistance by our Embassies. Consular assistance cannot at present be provided within Afghanistan. If the Federal Foreign Office finds a way of offering organised departures, we will contact German nationals with the relevant information.

German nationals may also contact the Federal Foreign Office Help Desk by dialling +49 30 5000 2000 or by using the contact form – they must, however, make sure to register on afg.diplo.de.

Local employees remain the responsibility of their former employer. Local employees who have not yet received a visa or approval for admission should contact their former employer, provided their employment did not end before 2013.

If you are a former employee of the Federal Foreign Office, please contact the Federal Foreign Office by email at okv@kabu.auswaertiges-amt.de. This address has been set up exclusively for colleagues from the Embassy in Kabul and the Consulate General in Mazar‑e‑Sharif. Other groups of employees, for example in the field of development cooperation or the Bundeswehr, should contact their relevant employers (Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Federal Ministry of Defence, etc.), i.a.:

  • BMI (Ministry of the Interior)
  • BMZ (Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development)
  • BMVg (Ministry of Defence)

German Embassies in the neighbouring countries can assist local employees who have been granted approval for admission, or who already have a visa with their onward travel to Germany once they have arrived in the respective country. Until then, your former employer remains your point of contact. Individuals who do not yet have a visa, but who have been informed by their employer that approval for admission has been granted by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, can be provided quickly and simply with documents by the German Embassies in the neighbouring countries that will allow them to enter Germany, subject to a security check.

Afghans active in civil society, the media, culture or academia, for example, who have received approval for admission to Germany from the German Government will also be assisted in leaving the country. The Federal Foreign Office will contact these individuals and inform them about their approval for admission, which includes their immediate family (i.e. their spouse and minor, unmarried children) and inform them about the next steps. We are working with an external service provider to communicate with Afghans in special need of protection. This includes preparations and support for departure from Afghanistan and entry into Germany. The German missions in the neighbouring countries can issue the documents that are required to enter Germany quickly and simply, subject to a security check.

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