The European Union is the biggest political success story since the end of World War II. Europe is a community of shared values, not only an economic area. Peace and freedom, prosperity and security are among its achievements. more

Bilateral relations

Germany maintains intense bilateral relations to many countries in the world. Read more about Germany's political, economic and cultural contacts.

Regional focuses

Cross-national themes in German foreign policy, including the Middle East Peace Process, the Western Balkans and Transatlantic Relations, as well as global hotspots like Afghanistan. more

G20 – The Group of Twenty - German Presidency

True to its motto “Shaping an interconnected world”, the German G20 Presidency is setting three priorities: building resilience, improving sustainability, assuming responsibility. more

Peace and Security

German foreign policy is peace policy. In collaboration with its partners, Germany is active in international organizations in pursuit of a fair, peaceful and stable international order. more

Global Issues

Globalization has increased the interconnectedness of peoples and countries — the impact of political decisions and economic and social developments is increasingly felt in faraway lands. Efforts to cooperate rather than confront are thus important. more


The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) was preceded by the Conference on Security... more

Human rights

Only the protection of human rights can guarantee stability and peace. It is also a prerequisite for... more

Humanitarian aid

One of the Federal Foreign Office’s most important tasks is to bring help quickly to people who are in... more

World economy

Germany is integrated into the world economy and dependent on its growth to a greater extent than many other countries. More than one in four euros is earned by exporting goods and services and, consequently, more than one in five jobs depends on foreign trade. In view of political conflicts it is truer today, more than ever, that trade and a dense network of economic links create trust and stabilize international relations. more

International Law

A key component of international law is humanitarian international law. It aims to minimize the suffering caused by war. more

Culture and intercultural dialogue

Cultural relations and education policy is an essential pillar of German foreign policy. It strengthens the intercultural dialogue and is ment to draw permanent attention to Germany and Europe abroad.

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