Directorate-General for the United Nations and Global Issues

The United Nations plays a central role in meeting the challenges of the 21st century. Against this background, the Directorate-General for the United Nations and Global Issues formulates and coordinates German multilateral foreign policy within the United Nations system and is also responsible for global cross-cutting issues that are interlinked with each other and affect the work of a wide range of institutions.

One of the tasks of the Directorate-General is to cooperate with the organs and specialized agencies of the United Nations. In close coordination with our partners, it outlines our interests in the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and in numerous other UN bodies. It also deals with UN‑mandated peacekeeping operations and missions, sanctions regimes as well as financial and personnel issues within the UN framework.

Moreover, the Directorate-General takes care of important cross-cutting issues in the political field. They include conflict prevention, gender issues, peacekeeping, the fight against poverty, human rights protection, the conservation of natural resources, food security, global governance, disaster prevention mechanisms, combating international terrorism and crime as well as bilateral and multilateral humanitarian aid. In these areas, close coordination with other units of the Federal Foreign Office headquarters in Berlin and with the Federal Ministries is essential.

Besides steering political processes on the multilateral level, the Directorate-General implements projects in the areas of civilian crisis prevention, democracy-building and the promotion of human rights. In addition, the division responsible for humanitarian aid provides immediate humanitarian relief within the scope of specific projects.

In the face of globalization, foreign policy requires the cooperation of governments with non-state actors on the international level. This is why the Directorate-General is devoted to maintaining a dialogue with non-governmental organizations and other parts of civil society, as well as with business. In this context, it regularly organizes the “Forum on Global Issues”. The Forum sees itself as a platform where representatives of the Federal Government, civil society actors and academics can meet to exchange views on topics of the future that are of global significance.

The conceptual work of the Directorate-General is supported by an academic advisory council which is made up of renowned experts.

In Bonn, one division of the Directorate-General assists the UN organizations based in the city with all protocol-related and organizational issues.

The Directorate-General for the United Nations and Global Issues consists of nine divisions and is headed by Patricia Hildegard Flor. She is supported by Rüdiger König, Director for the United Nations, Humanitarian Aid and Human Rights and DG‑Internal Management, and Ina Lepel, Director for Civilian Crisis Prevention and Combating International Terrorism. The Directorate-General’s staff continuously dovetails its work with our Permanent Missions in the UN cities of New York, Vienna, Geneva, Nairobi, Rome and Paris.

Last updated 11.03.2014

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