Latin America

Germany’s relations with Latin America are based on shared values, close cultural ties and similar interests.


Economic relations

Germany’s economic relations with Latin America are close. Many German companies have been present in the region for over a century and have an excellent reputation there. Especially Brazil and Mexico are promising economic partners. more

Development cooperation

Development cooperation is an important aspect of German-Latin American relations.
Although significant progress has been made, income and property disparities remain a potential source of conflict.

Promotion of human rights in Latin America

A common commitment to universal and indivisible human rights links Germany with its partners in Latin America. Despite shared values, in some Latin American states there are tasks of varying magnitude for which the German Government can lend its support. more

Environmental and climate policy

Germany is actively involved in cooperating on environmental and climate issues in Latin America. Important areas of cooperation are water management, renewable energies, energy efficiency, nature reserve management and support for environmental authorities. more

Promotion of the German language

While English is the foreign language of first choice in Latin America, there is strong interest in what Europe has to offer in the cultural sphere. Through the “Schools: Partners for the Future” (PASCH) initiative, it is hoped to take advantage of this to strengthen German language teaching at schools and universities. more

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