Tunisia: “There is a lot at stake”

Following the assassination of opposition politician and lawyer Chokri Belaid on 6 February in Tunis, there have been protests all across Tunisia. Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali tried to form a government of technocrats but failed to gain the support of his own party. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle called upon all political forces in Tunisia to “reach out to one another now … to heal the rifts currently dividing the country”.

At a press conference in Berlin on 20 February, the German Foreign Minister said, “Turning to Tunisia, I’m putting my heart and soul into it both politically and personally. Tunisia was the first country to experience the changes that have swept through the entire region. Not just politically, but also as someone with first‑hand experience having been there during the revolution, it is my ardent hope that Tunisia remains on the road to democracy and that the political difficulties in the country can soon be overcome …

I hope the political decision‑makers know now is not the time to emphasize difference but to seek out common ground. It is also time for the political leaders to rise to the challenge. After all, there is a lot at stake. Not just for Tunisia but for everything that began with the Arab Spring.”

Continuing the constitutional process

A national constituent assembly emerged from the elections on 23 October 2011. It is to adopt a new constitution for Tunisia and to prepare new parliamentary and presidential elections. Foreign Minister Westerwelle said that the constitutional process, which has made much progress, must not be put at risk.

Supporting change in Tunisia

Germany is supporting democratic change in Tunisia through a transformation partnership. This partnership among equals secures the accomplishments of the Jasmine revolution in Tunisia by providing more than 50 million euros for more than 100 projects. You can find out more about the projects on a new website.

You can find more information about Germany’s transformation partnership with Tunisia here.

Last updated 20.02.2013

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