German Information Centres

Public relations with a regional flavour

German Information Centres (GIC) are designed to provide information about Germany in their host countries and rally support for German positions. These centres aim to arouse interest in Germany particularly among important young multipliers in the regional partner countries.

As well as building understanding for German policies and enthusiasm for the German way of life, the aim is to make people curious about German technologies.

The German Information Centres are intended to support the work of the embassies and highlight the activities of German intermediary organizations and partners in the areas of cultural relations and education policy, development cooperation and business in their respective regions.

Represented across the world

There are currently German Information Centres in Beijing, Brasília, Cairo, Mexico City, Moscow, New Delhi, Paris, Pretoria and Washington. Each covers a different key area of the world: the entire American continent, the Francophone and Lusophone areas including Africa, the Chinese-, Russian- and Arabic-speaking parts of the world as well as South Asia.

Each individual German Information Centre gears its work to the relevant regional target groups and through close coordination with each other, positive synergies are generated: a good project idea from Cairo might also work in Brasília.

Last updated 20.08.2011

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