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Germany’s candidacy for a seat on the Security Council in 2019/20

With its new candidacy, Germany is demonstrating that it intends to continue to play an active role in helping to...


Germany in the United Nations

Germany is the fourth-biggest financial contributor to the UN and is involved in a number of peace missions. Beyond that, Germany is a strong advocate of a reform of the United Nations. more

Financing and structures

193 states belong to the United Nations (UN). The UN’s principal organs are the General Assembly and the Security Council. The organisation’s expenses are borne by the members as apportioned by the General Assembly. more

The United Nations in Germany

The United Nations are present with 26 offices based in Germany, of which 19 are housed by the UN Campus in Bonn.

UN peace missions and Germany’s engagement

The maintenance or restoration of peace is the paramount task of the United Nations Security Council. It takes appropriate measures and issues mandates for peace missions. Germany is currently participating in numerous peace missions.

Reform of the United Nations Security Council

Something finally needs to be done about reforming the United Nations Security Council! If it is not adapted to the geopolitical realities of the 21st century, that is, if it does not ensure in particular adequate representation of the global South and major contributors to the UN system, the Security Council’s legitimacy and authority are at risk. more

Young people and the United Nations

Almost half of the world’s population is younger than 24 years, a fact that shows how important it is for the UN to address young people’s concerns. In 2010, the World Programme of Action for Youth was updated. more

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