Foreign Minister Westerwelle: “We want Britain to stay a member of the European Union”

On 23 January British Prime Minister David Cameron gave a speech on Britain’s role in the European Union. Speaking in Berlin, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle commented on the speech as follows:

Germany wants the United Kingdom to remain an active and constructive part of the European Union. We strive to create a better Europe. 

A European Union becoming even stronger with overcoming the debt crisis and regaining global competitiveness. 

Germany wants an ambitious reform of the Economic and Monetary Union. In such decisive issues as the future of our common currency, we do not need less, but more integration. 

We share the vision of a better Europe. We need a new commitment to the principle of subsidiarity. Not all and everything must be decided in Brussels and by Brussels. 

We do indeed differentiate, but cherry picking is not an option. 

We share a common destiny in challenging times of globalisation. 

And in challenging times of globalisation we, as Europeans, are all in the same boat.

Speech given by the British Prime Minister David Cameron

Last updated 23.01.2013

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