Project work of the Federal Foreign Office

The projects supported by the Federal Foreign Office and the German missions abroad are important instruments to promote and implement human rights policy in foreign countries.

Through around 70 projects per year, we help mainly non-governmental organizations to assert human rights in their countries or to monitor human rights enforcement, as well as to raise public awareness of human rights and anchor them in state structures. We also support German non-governmental organizations in their human rights work abroad.

The projects include the entire spectrum of human rights protection and reflect all areas in which German human rights policy is active. This takes place mostly in the so-called developing countries and emerging economies of Africa, Asia, Central and South America, and in the countries of Eastern Europe. It is becoming clear that one focus will be on the Arab World in the near term. In the current period of transition it will be important to promote civil society structures and an awareness of human rights in these countries. Basic rights such as the right to freedom of opinion, freedom of assembly, or freedom from violent state action will play an important role.

Our financial and political support makes it possible for non-governmental organizations and defenders of human rights to implement projects for which they have no other financing. Sometimes amounts starting at 10,000 euro are enough to reach a large target group and produce lasting results.

The projects sponsored by the Federal Foreign Office and the German embassies are chosen very carefully. They must be goal oriented and their intended results must be verifiable. Each individual project will be evaluated after completion and its effects will be tracked.

The examples presented here should convey an idea of our work.

Last updated 28.03.2011