Egypt has voted

In the first round of the presidential elections Egyptians turned out on 23/24 May to vote for a new head of state. According to observers, the elections passed off smoothly. The results are expected in a few days’ time. If no candidate wins a majority, there will be a run-off ballot on 16/17 June.

In Berlin Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle welcomed the “apparently high turnout as well as the by and large peaceful way the ballot passed off. Millions of people in Egypt have thereby sent a very clear message that they want a democratic future for their country.”

It was crucial that progress towards democracy should continue. In this respect the elections were a “very important milestone”, he noted. Germany trusted that the agreed timetable would be adhered to and the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces currently running the country would ensure that a democratically legitimated authority took over the reins of power by 30 June.

Germany actively supports democracy-building in the Arab world and sees Egypt as playing a key role in this process. Over the period 2012-2013 Germany has earmarked 100 million euros for the so-called transformation partnerships, which provide funding for a wide range of projects.

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Last updated 27.05.2012

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