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Our priorities

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The July Crisis: an ultimatum and an unexpected response

Austria-Hungary issued a tough ultimatum to Serbia in July 1914. The unexpected response was not enough to prevent the outbreak of war. more

Foreign Minister Steinmeier joins Syrian refugee family for the breaking of the Muslim fast

On the evening of 21 July, Foreign Minister Steinmeier visited a Syrian refugee family in Berlin for the traditional breaking of the Muslim fast (iftar). The family was admitted to Germany at the end of 2013 under the First National Programme for refugees from Syria. more

"Anti-Semitism has no place in our societies"

The Foreign Minsters of Germany, France and Italy - Steinmeier, Fabius and Mogherini - issued a joint statement in Brussels (22 July) on combating anti-Semitism. more

Belated honours for a resistance fighter

On 10 July, Foreign Minister Steinmeier paid tribute to Ilse Stöbe, a former Foreign Office employee who fought against the National Socialist regime as a member of the communist resistance.

German Information Centres

German Information Centres (GIC) are designed to provide information about Germany in their host countries and rally support for German positions. These centres aim to arouse interest in Germany particularly among important young multipliers in the regional partner countries. more


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Coming to Germany

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