Crisis prevention, conflict resolution and peace-building

Basic elements of crisis prevention

The focus is not only on management of severe crises ,but alsoon effective prevention ,to keep crises



The Federal Foreign Office will draw up new guidelines on international crisis management for the German Government by the spring of 2017. With the motto PeaceLab2016 the Federal Foreign Office also wants to include input from civil society and interested members of the public. more

Democracy-building aid

Democratic structures increase stability, because they promote responsible governance and a peaceful balance of interests. Democracy-building aid, particularly in the form of election observation, is therefore a key part of the Federal Foreign Office’s approach to crisis prevention. more

Rule of law

Promoting the rule of law is a key factor in securing peace and development worldwide. An effective police force which respects the rule of law and operates to professional standards serves to protect citizens and so prevent conflicts. more

Peace mediation

Mediation is an effective instrument for re‑establishing and consolidating peace, which makes it an integral part of conflict prevention. more

“From Barriers to Bridges” Border Programme

Since 2008, the Federal Foreign Office has supported a project on border demarcation and cross-border cooperation in Africa. The project plays an important part in civilian crisis prevention in Africa.

Police Programme Africa

The Federal Foreign Office has, through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, supported the Police Programme Africa since 2009 with the aim of improving local police structures. more

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