Where Christians face persecution

According to the outreach organization Open Doors, some 100 million Christians around the world are being persecuted for their faith. The organization documents the situation of Christians in an annual World Watch List. In 2013 North Korea once again takes the shameful top place – for the eleventh time in succession. Anyone even possessing a Bible there can be sentenced to death or sent to a labour camp.

But Christians also face persecution in many other parts of the world. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia also come high on the List. Foreign Minister Westerwelle is gravely concerned by recent reports about the plight of Christians and their increasing persecution in some parts of the world. At the meeting of the Federal Cabinet on 9 January he emphasized once again that protecting Christians is one of Germany’s foreign policy priorities.

Religious tolerance and pluralism is a fundamental human right. And that means Christians also have a right to protection. Westerwelle stressed that Germany’s diplomats would continue to make repeated approaches to specific countries and regions with a view to improving life for Christians there and affording them better protection.

Last updated 09.01.2013

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