Launch of new TV series: Detective Amanullah

Chasing criminals on prime time TV: On 14 May, the TV series “Detective Amanullah”, financed by the Federal Foreign Office, went on the air in Afghanistan. The twenty episodes of this series, lasting 30 minutes each, will be broadcast one evening each week by the Ariana Television Network.

The plot resembles that of a typical German TV crime story. In each episode, Detective Amanullah solves one case, usually involving “normal” crimes such as corruption or domestic violence. As the Afghan police force is becoming more professional, it is gradually shifting its focus from fighting terrorism – currently still its main field of activity – towards such “typical” police tasks.

Illustrating modern police work

The series also serves to familiarize its audience with an increasingly civilian police force. It will also help the Afghan people to better understand the services offered by their police force and to make use of them.

Producer Saba Sahar

Producer Saba Sahar
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Producer Saba Sahar

Producer Saba Sahar

Producer Saba Sahar

The production firm Saba Film is receiving expert advice and support from the European Union Police Mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL). Producer Saba Sahar herself served as police officer for many years and still holds the rank of a major. Project implementation is supported by the Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Building up the Afghan police force

The project costs of approximately 200,000 euros are being funded from the Federal Foreign Office’s budget for the police build up in Afghanistan. 77 million euros have been earmarked for that purpose in 2012.

Germany has been engaged in building up the Afghan police force since 2002. The German police advisory team is currently focusing on the following:

  • infrastructure projects (training and police facilities),
  • training and mentoring,
  • equipment assistance and adult basic education (including literacy measures) for the police,
  • financial support towards Afghan police salaries.

Last updated 19.07.2012

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