What next in Afghanistan?

Germany remains one of Afghanistan ’s most important partners – predominantly in future in civilian reconstruction.


Partnership with Afghanistan

During a visit to Berlin by President Karzai, Germany and Afghanistan have concluded an Agreement on future cooperation between the two countries. more

NATO focuses on Afghanistan

NATO and its partners want to keep supporting Afghanistan after 2014. The Alliance’s summit in Chicago also saw progress on the issue of disarmament. more

Police capacity building

Afghanistan needs to be able to take responsibility for its own internal security. Hence the creation of an effective Afghan police force is a top priority for the German Government, the EU and the international community.


International military engagement in Afghanistan (ISAF)

ISAF is designed to create a secure environment in order to allow reconstruction and enable Afghans to live in safety. The troops stabilize the situation and protect civilian aid workers.


Progress report on Afghanistan

The purpose of the progress reports is to provide information to the German Bundestag on the situation in Afghanistan. more

Germany’s involvement in northern Afghanistan

As part of international efforts to support Afghanistan, Germany has had two Provincial Reconstruction Teams operating in the north of the country under the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mandate.


Cooperation with Afghanistan in the sphere of education and culture

The German Government’s wide-ranging engagement in Afghanistan includes the sphere of education and cultural policy. Our cooperation with Afghanistan in this field focuses on the development of an active and democratic Afghan civil society. more

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