External economic policy

The Federal Foreign Office's tasks

Germany is integrated into the world economy and dependent on its growth to a greater extent than many other countries. More than one in four euros is earned by exporting goods and services and, consequently, more than one in five jobs depends on foreign trade. The export of goods and services is therefore one of the main drivers of the German economy. more

Partners and instruments

Germany's system of external economic promotion is supported by Government and business alike. The Federation’s involvement in trade fairs abroad is designed in particular to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as they seek to tap export markets. It also supports investment by German companies in foreign countries. It secures German commitments in developing and reforming countries against political risks. more

National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights

The German Government adopted the National Action Plan for Business and Human Rights in its cabinet meeting on Wednesday (21 December). more

International technology and research policy

Germany has to shoulder greater international responsibility and contribute more of its know-how to international cooperation. Joint strategies and technologies for global challenges – such as climate change and energy efficiency – have to be drawn up. more


Economic development is inconceivable without an efficient transport infrastructure. In an increasingly interconnected world, this applies not only to the internal market but to all international land, sea and air links. The global nature of the Internet highlights the need for international cooperation in order to create the right conditions which will enable us to foster the development of the information society worldwide. more

Export control

The Federal Government's political principles governing arms exports attach special importance to the human rights criterion. In addition to national export controls for war weapons, the Federal Government has long endeavoured to harmonize strict export controls under the aegis of the European Union and at international level.

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