German policy in the United Nations

Germany is the third-largest contributor to the UN budget. It pro­vides personnel for a host of UN bodies and insti­tutions and is a potential candidate for a permanent seat on the Security Council. more

United Nations peace missions

The maintenance and restoration of peace is the paramount task of the United Nations Security Council. It takes appropriate measures and issues mandates for peace missions. more

The United Nations in Germany

The UN Campus in bonn was opened in 2006. It now houses 19 of the 27 United Nations offices based in Germany.

Reform in the United Nations

The United Nations is a child of its time: it was set up in the wake of the two dreadful world wars of the last century. The number of political actors (states and organizations) has increased many times over, as has the number of actual and potential conflicts. more

UN Nations structure and financing

The UN currently has 193 members. According to its Charter, the UN’s main bodies are the General Assembly and the Security Council. The Organization is financed through fixed contributions from the member states.


Young people and the United Nations

Almost half of the world’s population is younger than 24 years, a fact that shows how important it is for the UN to address young people’s concerns. In 2010, the World Programme of Action for Youth was updated.


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