Better training for engineers worldwide

German engineering has an excellent reputation all over the world. Germany is to help improve the training of engineers in seven emerging economies and developing countries through a new initiative.

The Quality Engineering for Sustainability initiative presented a package of measures at the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin on 14 February. A number of German companies want to work together with partner universities of German technical universities in countries such as China, India and Brazil to provide internships, guest lectureships and research contracts. The partnership has now been officially launched with the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

The initiative is being coordinated by the Association of German Engineers and the German Commission for UNESCO. The active partners are five German companies and Germany’s leading technical universities (known as the TU9). Cornelia Pieper, Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office, is serving as patron.

Walter Hirche, President of the German Commission for UNESCO commented, “We need well-trained engineers around the world in order to ensure sustainable development.” He went on to say that the aim was to make a “worthwhile contribution” to this. The Quality Engineering for Sustainability partnership is open to any other interested partners who want to get involved.

In November 2011, the UNESCO General Conference in Paris adopted a resolution on the UNESCO Engineering Initiative on Germany’s initiative. The objectives are to overhaul training for engineers around the world, focus on sustainability, attract more women to the profession and improve graduate employability.

Last updated 14.02.2013

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