German staff in international organizations

The German Government is striving to increase the number of German staff working for international organizations. A considerable number of such staff have gathered at a conference held at the Federal Foreign Office from 14 to 15 June. The conference is intended to give them an opportunity to network with each other and to gain further insight into current German foreign policy issues.

The 280 or so participants will also be able to tap into the current debate in Germany on all kinds of issues and ask specific questions regarding international organizations and the European Union. State Secretary Emily Haber welcomed the participants and spoke to them about current German foreign policy issues as they affect international organizations. The question “The European Economy – quo vadis?” was examined by State Secretary Stefan Kapferer from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Speeches were also given on the following issues: the shift to green energy and the energy supplies of the future, the interface between the private sector and international organizations, the European economic crisis, German universities becoming world class, globalization and the role of emerging economies, the Arab Spring, dealing with stress and returning to the German job market.

The conference has been held annually since 2006, and is part of the Government’s efforts to maintain close ties with Germans in international organizations. The Federal Foreign Office encourages people to consider working in international organizations and European institutions as part of their careers. It advises and supports applicants and, as at this conference, seeks to encourage networking by staff at such organizations with each other and with the German Government.

Senior German officials visit Berlin

Talks with German staff from international organizations

Talks with German staff from international organizations
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Talks with German staff from international organizations

Talks with German staff from international organizations

Talks with German staff from international organizations

On 13 June, in advance of the conference, State Secretary Harald Braun met with thirteen Germans who hold senior positions in international organizations. One of the issues they discussed was the German Government’s international staffing policy. State Secretary Braun thanked his visitors for their work and dedication at international and European level and underscored the Government’s interest in a constant exchange of experience.

In addition to their appointment at the Federal Foreign Office, the visiting officials also had the opportunity to meet with government representatives, members of the Bundestag and think-tank staff from the Stiftung Wissenschaft and Politik – German Institute for International and Security Affairs. The visitors included officials from the UN Secretariat, the OECD, the World Bank, UNESCO and the UNDP.

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