European Neighbourhood Policy and Regional Agreements

European Neighbourhood Policy

Fostering close and amicable relations between the EU and its neighbours is a key priority for Germany’s foreign policy. The European Neighbourhood Policy was developed in 2004, with Germany providing considerable input, to promote prosperity, security, stability as well as rule-of-law and democratic structures. more

The Eastern Partnership

The Eastern Partnership has placed the EU’s relations with its direct neighbours on a new footing and enhanced them across the whole spectrum. Besides promoting political, economic and societal ties with partner countries, it offers support for their political and socio‑economic reform agenda. more

The Union for the Mediterranean

Thanks to the establish­ment of the Union for the Mediterranean in 2008, the Barcelona Process, which was launched in 1995 and created the Euro­Mediterranean Partnership, has been taken forward. The Union for the Mediterranean is the only forum outside the United Nations in which the Arab countries and Israel regularly meet. more