Hungary is a partner in and for Europe

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle met his Hungarian counterpart János Martonyi in Berlin on 9 November. The two Ministers first attended the 22nd German‑Hungarian Forum, which served primarily to discuss a broad range of bilateral issues, then also talked about European and international issues.

After the conversation, Westerwelle emphasized the European outlook of both countries:

“Germany and Hungary see themselves as partners not just in Europe, but also for Europe. We want to draw the right conclusions from the debt crisis in Europe, and intend to further develop our Europe. We are both convinced that Europe is bound together by a shared culture and a shared destiny. We interpret our joint role to be that of Europeans in the world. We want a vibrant, stable and proactive Europe which holds its own in a world of change.”

Against this background, Westerwelle and Martonyi talked about current European issues, such as the negotiations on the multiannual financial framework and efforts to tackle the debt crisis.

20th anniversary of the “Paneuropean picnic” at Sopron

20th anniversary of the “Paneuropean picnic” at Sopron
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20th anniversary of the “Paneuropean picnic” at Sopron

20th anniversary of the “Paneuropean picnic” at Sopron

20th anniversary of the “Paneuropean picnic” at Sopron

Historical awareness and gratitude for Hungary’s contribution towards the reunification of Germany and Europe

Westerwelle underlined the importance of German‑Hungarian relations. Germany regarded Hungary as a “strong and highly valued partner”, he continued. In particular, Westerwelle recalled Hungary’s contribution towards the fall of communism in Europe. He recalled the “Paneuropean picnic” on 19 August 1989, during which the border between Hungary and Austria was briefly opened:

“We Germans will never forget what Hungary contributed towards that joyous moment in our history that was German reunification and, by extension, the reunification of Europe. Of course 9 November reminds us of these events. (…) We all still see in our mind’s eye the pictures of our Hungarian friends cutting the first hole into the iron curtain at Sopron. That unites our peoples far beyond the nitty‑gritty of daily politics. It is also a reminder of our truly lasting and historical friendship and partnership.”

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