Cultural relations and education policy

Cultural offerings from Germany build trust in our country throughout the world.


The German language remains in high demand!

Promoting the German language is a major instrument in cultural relations and education policy. Minister of... more

German schools abroad

German schools abroad – where children from different cultures can meet and engage in dialogue more

Science, research and universities

Germany ’s universities and research establishments are becoming increasingly international in outlook. more

Intercultural dialogue

The intercultural dialogue aims to promote understanding between the West and the Islamic world as well as... more

Preservation of cultural heritage 

The Federal Foreign Office supports the preservation of cultural heritage in developing countries and... more

Protection and restitution of cultural property

Cultural heritage is often threatened in the form of illegal excavations, looting, theft or illegal export. more

Cultural Programme Work

Icons like Thomas Mann or pop group “Mia” trigger interest in Germany across the world. more


UNESCO was founded in 1945 with the aim to build peace in the world through knowledge, social progress, exchange and mutual understanding among peoples. more

500th anniversary of the Reformation

Looking towards this anniversary in 2017, the launch of the Luther Decade was celebrated in 2008. The Reformation is a crucial event in world history which has had an impact across all continents. more

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