New guidelines for Africa policy

The German cabinet today decided on its new Federal Government Policy Guidelines for Africa. The new document summarises the principles and focuses of Germany’s Africa policy. more

Peace and security in Africa

Despite the rapid changes taking place in Africa, armed conflicts, political and ethnic tensions, border disputes and fragile statehood in parts of the continent remain obstacles to social, economic and political progress. more

The African Union

Established in 2002, the African Union works for integration, peace and security, democracy and human rights. more

Economic and Development Cooperation

The goal of development cooperation is to strengthen local economies. Debt relief initiatives make it possible to put funds towards fighting poverty instead of reducing debt. more

Focus on Mali

A political crisis has gripped Mali since early 2012; large parts of the country came under Islamist control. The international community is providing military, political and humanitarian assistance. Germany is contributing actively to these endeavours. more

Focus on Sudan and South Sudan

After decades of civil war in the Sudan, the southern part of the country has achieved independence. Germany supports political approaches to conflict resolution, seconds soldiers and police officers within the framework of the UN missions, and provides humanitarian aid. more

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