Humanitarian Aid

How do we help?

Humanitarian aid is designed to help people in dire need as a result of natural disasters, epidemics or conflict.


Where do we help?

The Sahel, Pakistan and Syria – a country where violence is continuing to take its toll – are just a few of the places where the Federal Foreign Office is supporting aid pro­grammes. In many areas, things are made harder both for relief workers and for those in need by the precarious security situation. more

Fight against Ebola

The German Government has provided a total of 195 million euros to the affected countries to help in the fight against the epidemic. more

Collaborating with humanitarian relief organisations

Humanitarian aid is intended to meet people’s basis needs and is the expression of a sense of ethical responsibility and international solidarity. more

Humanitarian mine and ordnance clearance

Every year, landmines and unexploded ordnance kill countless people around the world. Germany is actively working for the prohibition of anti-personnel mines, and supports a range of projects to this end.  more

Humanitarian disaster risk reduction

Risk analysis, prevention and preparedness are the three core elements of effective disaster risk reduction. Germany is campaigning to see improvements in international preparedness. more

International cooperation on humanitarian aid

Natural disasters and armed conflicts leave countless people around the world reliant on humanitarian aid. International organizations play a key role in the provision of international humanitarian aid. more

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