Regional focuses

Transatlantic relations

Alongside European integration, the transatlantic partnership is the most important pillar of German foreign policy.
The United States is Germany’s closest ally outside Europe. The partnership bases on common values and interests. more

The Middle East and Maghreb

Efforts to achieve peace in the Middle East have for decades been a priority of German foreign policy. In addition to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, there are new challenges such as Iran’s nuclear programme and the upheaval in North Africa more


Afghanistan must not revert to its former role as a refuge for international terrorists. This is why Germany and the international community are helping Afghanistan to become a stable country whose people can live in safety and determine their own future. more


Emerging economic heavyweights such as China and India are also increasingly important partners on the international political stage. Peacekeeping, sustainable development and environmental protection are priorities in the dialogue with ASEAN states. more


Africa is on the rise – this is borne out not only by economic data. However, Africa needs international solidarity and partners in order to resolve the continent’s conflicts and pressing problems and to tackle the global issues which affect us all.


Latin America

The German Government’s new Strategy on Latin America highlights the stronger focus in Germany’s foreign policy on the sub-continent. The Latin American states are key partners on the road towards a global domestic policy.


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