Working together to find a peaceful solution to the conflict in Syria

Meeting in Doha, the Syrian opposition decided to form a joint body called the “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces”.

The German Government was represented at the Syrian opposition’s conference in Qatar’s capital Doha from 8 to 11 November. Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle issued the following statement on 12 November about the Syrian opposition’s new body:

The creation of a joint platform of the Syrian opposition is an important step and one to be welcomed. I hope the “National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces” will emerge as a credible political alternative to the Bashar Assad regime. When we, the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League and the European Union, meet in Cairo on Tuesday, we will discuss how best to support this new joint platform of the Syrian opposition. Together we must do our utmost to relieve the suffering of the people in Syria and facilitate a peaceful solution to the conflict.

Germany has actively supported the establishment of the new body during the last few months by maintaining close contacts with leading members of the Syrian opposition.

Foreign Minister Westerwelle is pressing for a peaceful resolution of the conflict in Syria. Germany is one of the largest donors of assistance to people affected by the conflict in Syria.

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Last updated 12.11.2012

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