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Tackling IS booby-traps with German assistance

The clearance of improvised explosive devices in Mosul and other areas liberated from IS is making rapid stabilisation possible with German assistance. more

"The future of the Western Balkans is in the EU"

Minister of State for Europe Michael Roth participated in the Western Balkans Summit in Trieste on 12 July. The Ministers discussed how regional integration of the Western Balkan countries can be improved. more

Further news and current issues

Isolationism is not a solution

Foreign Minister Gabriel calls for a new global attitude towards migration. more

Minister of State for Europe visits Budapest

On 8 July, Minister of State Roth met a number of politicians and representatives of civil society. He said it was important to keep channels of communication open despite difficult times. more

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Visit to Jordan: Recognition and support for hosting Syrian refugees

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German Information Centres (GIC) are designed to provide information about Germany in their host countries and rally support for German positions. These centres aim to arouse interest in Germany particularly among important young multipliers in the regional partner countries. more

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