Directorate-General 2A: Disarmament and Arms Control

Directorate-General 2A is headed by the Federal Government Commissioner for Disarmament and Arms Control and his deputy. It consists of five divisions, whose tasks are as follows:

Federal Government Commissioner for Disarmament and Arms Control

Division 240:

Disarmament and arms control: basic policy; security aspects of the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction; nuclear disarmament; the Non-Proliferation Treaty; a nuclear test ban; the Geneva Conference on Disarmament; disarmament in the UN; nuclear-weapon-free zones.

Division 241:

Conventional arms control, disarmament and confidence- and security-building measures (CSBMs) worldwide; UN Weapons Convention; Ottawa Convention (anti-personnel mines); Oslo Convention (cluster munitions); OSCE Forum for Security Cooperation; preventive arms control; cyber security: CBSMs

Division 242:

Conventional arms control: implementation and further development of arms-control and CSBM treaties and agreements (CFE Treaty, Vienna Document, Open Skies Treaty); foreign policy aspects of implementation; UN register of conventional arms; OSCE communication network.

Division 243:

Global disarmament and non-proliferation treaties: Chemical and Biological Weapons Conventions (CWC and BWC); National Authority (point of contact) for the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and national point of contact for UNODA in Geneva (Implementation Support Unit for the BWC; Ad-Hoc Group); implementation for both Conventions.

Division 244:

Disarmament cooperation in the nuclear and chemical spheres; Global Partnership project implementation.

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