Almost three million people have sought refuge from the violence in Syria in neighbouring countries, while more than double that number have fled their homes and are dependent on humanitarian aid within the country itself. Germany is one of the biggest bilateral donors and has provided more than 550 million euros since the start of the Syria crisis, of which just under 320 million for humanitarian aid measures, more than 170 million for recovery and rehabilitation as well as bilateral aid and more than 65 million for crisis management measures.

Through its contributions towards international and cross-sectoral aid projects run by the International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations and German NGOs, the Federal Foreign Office has been providing humanitarian assistance in Syria and neighbouring countries since the start of the crisis. In addition to humanitarian assistance, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has organised recovery and rehabilitation measures.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier stated on 15 January 2014 when announcing that Germany was to increase its humanitarian assistance by 80 million euros:

The suffering endured by people in Syria worsens every day. Millions of people in the region depend on the support of the international community. Germany is therefore providing a further 80 million euros in humanitarian aid for people from Syria. We want, and indeed must, work together to alleviate the suffering of the many people who have lost everything as a result of the civil war and have fled war and violence.

The additional funds will mainly be used to continue and expand humanitarian projects run by German NGOs. Furthermore, Germany is supporting measures launched by the United Nations and other international organisations.

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Germany increases aid to victims of the conflict in Syria

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