Cabinet approves Annual Disarmament Report

On 29 February, the Federal Cabinet approved the Annual Disarmament Report for 2011. It comprehensively presents the main developments as well as the policies of the Federal Government in the fields of disarmament, arms control, and prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction and means of delivery.

Together, disarmament, arms control, and non‑proliferation form a pillar of the Federal Government’s foreign and security policy. In 2011, it was above all Germany’s efforts in the areas of post-conflict scenarios and preventative crisis policy that were in demand. Through concrete projects in Libya, Germany helped counter the dangers arising from unsecured weapons.

The threats to the global non‑proliferation regime and regional stability posed by countries such as Iran and North Korea remain serious. Syria is also a challenge to the international community’s efforts to ensure regional stability.

For a world free from nuclear weapons

The Federal Government also supports the vision of a world free from nuclear weapons. It welcomes the New START Treaty between the United States and Russia, which came into force in February 2011. Together with its partners in the Non‑Proliferation and Disarmament Initiative (NPDI), Germany advocates quickly starting negotiations on a production ban on fissile material for nuclear weapons and implementation of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty.

In a mine victim centre in Cambodia

In a mine victim centre in Cambodia
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In a mine victim centre in Cambodia

In a mine victim centre in Cambodia

In a mine victim centre in Cambodia

Conventional arms are also a threat to security

The Federal Government is also emphatically committed to effective conventional arms control in Europe. Here it is mostly a question of ensuring verifiable transparency of arsenals in this field. Another important topic in 2011 was making the scope of the conventions on cluster munitions and land mines universal. The Federal Government has agreed to increase funding for humanitarian mine clearance and victim care for 2012.

The German Bundestag has called on the Federal Government to present an annual Report on Progress on Arms Control, Disarmament and Non‑Proliferation and the Development of the Capabilities of the Armed Forces by 30 April of the year following the period in question. The year 2011 is covered in the report just published, the 29th of its kind. In addition to the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry of Defence, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, as well as the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development all contributed to the report.

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