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"Safeguarding peace through the means of the law"

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy will create a global forum for current issues in international criminal law. more

Progress report on Afghanistan

On 19 November 2014, the Progress Report on Afghanistan was published, this time including an assessment of the engagement in Afghanistan since 2001. more

Steinmeier visits Kyiv and Moscow for talks on Ukraine

During political talks in Moscow and Kyiv, Foreign Minister Steinmeier explored the chances for resolving the crisis in eastern Ukraine. more

Human Rights Commissioner visits Southern Africa

Christoph Strässer travelled to Southern Africa for talks from 11 to 16 November. His trip took him to Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa. more

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Steinmeier visits Kyiv and Moscow for talks on Ukraine

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German Information Centres

German Information Centres (GIC) are designed to provide information about Germany in their host countries and rally support for German positions. These centres aim to arouse interest in Germany particularly among important young multipliers in the regional partner countries. more

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Perhaps you are planning a trip? Or you want to spend a longer period in Germany on a school or... more

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