Germany is helping to build state structures in Somalia

Mother and child in a refugee camp near Ambresso/Somalia.

For a long time, Somalia was considered a failed state. However, in recent years, there has been tangible progress. The Federal Foreign Office is supporting stabilisation in Somalia, for example by helping establish a system of federal member states and by helping reintegrate former al-Shabaab fighters, as well as by assisting with the holding of parliamentary elections. more

Preventive peace work in the north of the Republic of the Niger

Peace forums reduce conflict potential in the long term

The north of the Republic of the Niger is suffering from heightened instability owing to the presence of terrorist groups and ongoing refugee flows. The Federal Foreign Office is working to reduce the potential for conflict in the region in the long term. more

Process of reconciliation in Mali

At the end of the peace dialogue in Gargando, the rebel flag is swapped for the Malian one

The Federal Foreign Office has been supporting reconciliation endeavours in Mali since 2013. It has funded peace dialogues and the foundation of a Truth Commission. more

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