Asia in German foreign policy

Asiais the most dynamic growth region worldwide and will continue to consolidate this position in the 21st century. At...


Regional cooperation in Asia and the Pacific

Economic and political cooperation is not yet so well established in the Asia-Pacific region as it is in Europe. Many states believe it is important to keep their own distinct economic and political profile. That said, diverse regional cooperation structures are emerging in this region too. more

Germany’s China policy

China is booming and is an important trading partner. Many Chinese people enjoy a much higher standard of living today than just a few years ago. At the same time, the country faces major challenges, which Germany can help China address. more

The Asia‑Europe Meeting (ASEM)

The Asia‑Europe Meeting (ASEM) is an interregional dialogue forum for multilateral exchange between Europe and Asia in the spheres of politics, business and culture. European and Asian and Pacific states participate, as do the EU Commission and the ASEAN Secretariat. more

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