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You can gain quicker access to Federal Foreign Office press releases, news from Germany and the events diary. Subscribe to the RSS Newsfeed to receive the latest bulletins immediately, even when you are not on the Federal Foreign Office website. Of course, you can also continue to receive this information in the form of an electronic newsletter sent to your email account.

What is RSS and how does the service work?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a platform-independent, XML-based format designed to allow the uncomplicated exchange of news and other web content.

In order to subscribe to this free service, you will require an RSS reader. Dependent on the selected reader and your personal settings, the RSS reader provides you at regular intervals with all of the latest press releases and speeches on the Federal Foreign Office website - even when you do not have our page open.

How do I subscribe to RSS Newsfeeds?

You can subscribe to an RSS Newsfeed by copying the link and pasting it into your RSS reader:

Further information

Further information on RSS as well as a selection of free and payable readers can be found on the internet by running a search for "RSS reader".

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