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A total of 300,900 international students were enrolled at German higher education institutions in the 2013/2014 winter semester – and Germany would like to interest even more talented young people from abroad in the academic training it offers. The special feature on education in the latest issue of DE Magazin Deutschland presents a much broader view of the subject and, among other things, provides detailed insights into the global work of German schools abroad with interviews and portraits. They aim to foster a culture of welcome – as does Aydan Özoğuz, Federal Government Commissioner for Migrants, Refugees and Integration, in a DE interview. An article by Berlin-based author Uwe Rada on the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall takes readers on an expedition into the past.

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Facts about Germany

Facts about Germany is a handbook for anyone seeking reliable and up-to-date information on the Federal Republic of Germany. It provides facts and figures about the country and its people, its government system, social life, poltical groupings and trends, all the different sectors of industry and business, and the multifaceted face of culture in Germany and its 16 federal states.

Facts about Germany




The Deutschland Portal is the central, non-commercial access to Germany on the Internet. It provides commented link lists in six languages.


Federal Statistical Office



The Federal Statistcal Office Provides statistical information about Germany.

Federal Statistical Office

Young Germany

Reading is a favored pastime in Germany, whether magazines, newspapers or books. Nine Germans have won the Nobel Prize in literature, meaning that German literature is read in translation well beyond German-speaking countries. Germany’s growing diversity is also transforming the literary landscape as young authors from varied cultural backgrounds find their voice. Travel with Young Germany through the world of literature to learn more, as well as how new authors are getting their start through digital self-publishing platforms and innovative social media.

Deutsche Welle Online

Deutsche Welle is Germany’s international radio broadcaster, offering news online in 30 languages.


The official website of the German federal government.


The Portal of the Federal Government, www.bund.de, is the gateway to the services and online information of the German Administration and other public agencies. The web portal is organised around life events, business areas, fields of activity, and other areas.

German law in English

The Centre for German Legal Information (CGerLi) is the gateway to German law in English. The website offers a comprehensive and freely accessible database of electronic materials on German law.

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