Blue Card to work in the EU

Germany depends on being open and connected to the wider world. On 1 August, the law implementing the EU’s Blue Card Directive is entering into force. The new law will especially streamline visa application and right of residence procedures for skilled professionals from abroad. The EU Blue Card is a residence permit issued by an EU member state in accordance with the new EU guidelines on highly qualified workers from abroad.

The new legal situation especially benefits professionals planning to take up work in Germany. They will gain easier access to the labour market if they can produce a binding job offer with a gross annual salary of at least 49.600 euros. For skilled workers in the fields of mathematics, IT, the natural sciences and engineering as well as for doctors, the threshold is set at 38.688 euros.

In addition, professionals can apply for a visa without producing a binding job offer; once issued, this visa will entitle its holder to stay in Germany for up to six months to seek employment. Yet there are even more simplifications, applying to students as well as to people starting up businesses or undergoing vocational training.

In implementing these measures and by further simplifying visa application and right of residence processes, the German missions abroad are making an important contribution to attracting and retaining highly qualified workers from outside the EU.

You can find more information on our website under the heading Studying and working in Germany as well as on the "Make it in Germany" website set up by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Federal Employment Agency.

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