United Nations financing and structures

The General Assembly of the United Nations

Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle at the 65th session of the United Nations General Assembly, 25.09.2010

The General Assembly is the principal political organ of the United Nations and has the most comprehensive functions. All 193 UN member states are represented in the General Assembly, and all have the same rights. The General Assembly is the only plenary organ and thus occupies an exceptional political position which makes it the pivot for all the UN's activities. Unlike the Security Council, which can take decisions binding on all member states, resolutions by the General Assembly are merely... more

Germany's financial contributions to the United Nations

Euro notes

Germany is the third-largest contributor to the regular budget, behind the United States (22 percent) and Japan (10.8 percent). more

Non-Governmental Organizations and the United Nations

VN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon and Hanifa Mezoui, Chief of the NGO Section United Nations

Nowadays non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are involved in virtually all aspects of the work of the United Nations. There is, however, no coherent set of rules throughout the United Nations system governing their status and rights of participation. more

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