New concept on communicating Europe

The Federal Foreign Office’s new concept on communicating Europe is intended to help strengthen confidence in Europe and make people aware once again of Europe’s value. Foreign Minister Westerwelle presented the concept to the Federal Cabinet on 29 February.

The concept, entitled “Explaining Europe – Discussing Europe”, is based on the assumption that Europe is currently going through a “defining phase”. The paper states: “What happens over the next few months will have a lasting impact on Germany’s image in Europe, on Europe’s image in Germany and on Europe’s image in the world.”

German foreign and European policy has a dual responsibility: “We have to help shape tomorrow’s Europe. At the same time, we have to convince the people in Germany, Europe and beyond that we are on the right path.”

Three focuses in efforts to communicate policy on Europe

The Federal Foreign Office’s efforts to communicate policy on Europe will concentrate on three complementary aspects:

  1. Efforts to build our European neighbours’ confidence in Germany
  2. Explaining Europe in the world
  3. Promoting a fundamentally Europe-friendly attitude in Germany.
You will find the full text of the paper here :

Last updated 29.02.2012

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