Last updated in March 2017

Germany has maintained relations with Gambia since the country gained independence. Bilateral development cooperation with Gambia was terminated in 1995. German engagement in Gambia is now integrated in European Union development cooperation with the country.

In political relations, Germany is an advocate of substantive European-Gambian dialogue (as part of so-called Article 8 Dialogue), including issues such as respect for human rights, freedom of the press and the consolidation of democratic institutions and the rule of law.

Germany has repeatedly supported the country’s sports sector under the Gambia-German Sports Cooperation programme. Measures such as the secondment of coaches and sports experts and donations of sports equipment are designed to help reform (administrative) structures in Gambia’s sports sector and re-introduce sport as a compulsory subject at the country’s primary schools.

Gambian PhD students and academics, journalists and sports teachers regularly have the opportunity to apply for further-training courses or scholarship programmes in Germany.

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