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Networking for peace

Attended by 28 peacebuilders from around the world, this year’s Global Peacebuilder Summit focused on innovative methods and strategies in peace processes. more

German Presidency of the Convention on Cluster Munitions

The year of Germany’s Presidency of the Convention on Cluster Munitions came to a successful conclusion on 6 September. The Convention on Cluster Munitions (CCM) prohibits the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of cluster munitions and currently has 101 States Parties.  more

Launch a new trend towards global disarmament

The current tense situation on the Korean peninsula and the emerging debate on nuclear armament between East and West shows all too clearly how much we need disarmament, arms control and initiatives for a world without nuclear weapons. more

Rapid assistance for victims of Hurricane Irma

Early on Tuesday (12 September), a crisis support team arrived in the United States to assist German and European victims of Hurricane Irma. more

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Working closely with Washington – Foreign Minister Gabriel in the United States

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German Information Centres

German Information Centres (GIC) are designed to provide information about Germany in their host countries and rally support for German positions. These centres aim to arouse interest in Germany particularly among important young multipliers in the regional partner countries. more

Coming to Germany

Perhaps you are planning a trip? Or you want to spend a longer period in Germany on a school or... more

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