500th anniversary of the Reformation

Looking towards this anniversary in 2017, the launch of the Luther Decade was celebrated in 2008. The Reformation is a crucial event in world history which has had an impact across all continents. more

Campaign goals

The promotion of the German language is an important instrument for cultivating lasting ties to Germany, especially among future leaders, and thus for strengthening Germany as a study, research and business location. That's why the Federal Foreign Office ...

The initiative's concept

With fairness, tolerance and peaceful competition as its backbone, sport is a popular way to promote international under­standing. As a peace policy instrument, the promotion of sport thus helps bolster conflict prevention and management. At this year's Sports Ball ...

"Schools: Partners for the Future" Initiative

A global network of schools is being built through the PASCH partner school initiative. Pupils at these schools are not just given the opportunity to learn German and enjoy German education. more

Aktion Africa - Cultural dialogue on equal footing

Germany has traditionally been a partner to Africa, a continent rich in culture offering a host of opportunities for cooperation. Aktion Afrika strengthens cultural exchange.

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