Peacemaking needs women

Women play a special role in peacekeeping and conflict prevention; that’s why the United Nations Security Council has long been calling for them to be more involved in peace processes. On 19 December the Federal Government approved a national action plan intended to improve the implementation of Security Council resolution 1325, which was adopted in 2000. This resolution on “Women, Peace and Security” calls for women to be involved in peace processes in a variety of ways.

From the start Germany has actively campaigned for the goals of this resolution, which calls for the participation of women in crisis prevention, conflict management and post conflict peacebuilding and for women to be protected from gender-based violence and in particular sexual abuse in situations of armed conflict.

Sharper focus to activities

The action plan to implement resolution 1325 gives a sharper focus to Germany’s various activities in this area. It incorporates suggestions put forward by the Bundestag as well as by non governmental organizations and the research community. In drawing up the action plan, the German Government has responded to a recommendation of the UN Secretary-General.

The German Government’s commitment to strengthening the role of women in peacekeeping and conflict prevention has taken various forms to date, including training for German civilian and military personnel serving with UN led or UN mandated peace missions. It has also supported measures to involve women in efforts to resolve particular conflicts. In addition, the German Government supports UN schemes designed to promote the participation of women in peace processes and their protection in situations of armed conflict.

Last updated 19.12.2012

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