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Federal Foreign Office on anti-corruption legislation in Ukraine


A Federal Foreign Office spokesperson today (28 March) issued the following statement on electronic income declarations in Ukraine:

The law signed yesterday, which requires representatives of civil society active in driving anti-corruption reforms to disclose their income and assets via e-declarations, is a step in the wrong direction.

The Ukrainian Government’s endeavours towards reform have earned it the respect of the international community and considerable recognition in society at home. The 2016 introduction of an e‑declaration system for public officials, in particular, is an important step.

This latest move, however, pushes public accountability into the background. Rather, it gives the impression that, counter to official anti-corruption policy, the targets are now the very people who are committed to ending corruption.

Hampering this civil-society engagement cannot be in Ukraine’s interest. We very much hope that the intimated revisions to the law will be made soon.

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