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Foreign Minister Steinmeier on the Nobel Peace Prize being awarded today (7 October) to Juan Manuel Santos:


I am delighted that the Nobel committee has decided to award the Nobel Peace Prize to President Santos, and I congratulate him most sincerely!

At a time when it seems as though the world is lurching from one crisis to the next, when we watch with baited breath as wars and conflicts erupt all over the place, President Santos worked with FARC with great resolve and above all with courage to create hope and establish the groundwork for the possibility of lasting peace. For that he deserves our profound respect.

Such courage and determination are needed today more than ever!

For I have no doubt that the people in Colombia want peace. The priority now is to carry resolutely on along this path. Violence and destruction cannot be permitted to regain the upper hand. We will continue to do our utmost to provide Colombia and President Santos with concrete support in this endeavour.

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In order to issue a clear signal of its continuing support for Colombia, Germany will quickly fulfil its pledge to pay two million euros into the UN trust fund for Colombia.

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